Freedom Light Launches

Freedom Light Launches

Nonprofit Combating Human Trafficking in Online Communities Launches

Freedom Light will provide operational guidance, strategies, and training for online communities who are committed to fighting human trafficking

LAS VEGAS (June 18, 2019) — Freedom Light, a nonprofit committed to combating sex trafficking online, announces the launch of the organization and of its website, Freedom Light will develop anti-trafficking strategies, provide thought-leadership, and conduct trainings for companies who wish to fight human trafficking and make the Internet a safer place.

The Internet has made it easier than ever for traffickers to profit from exploitation. Everyday, social media platforms and online communities are targeted by criminals to facilitate the recruitment of victims and promotion of commercial sex. These clandestine illicit activities typically occur unknowingly to website administrators and moderators, in violation of their terms of use. Freedom Light will assist these online companies in effectively identifying red flags, intervening on behalf of victims, and bringing perpetrators to justice.

“As someone who is personally committed to evidence-based anti-trafficking reform, I am honored to serve as the Executive Director of Freedom Light.” says Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco. “In this capacity, I hope to facilitate cooperation and information exchange between private companies and law enforcement in a way that will effectively prevent sex trafficking, facilitate the rescue and protection of victims, and promote the prosecution of offenders. I am confident that Freedom Light will pave the way for a measurable impact against this scourge.”

Freedom Light will collaborate with victim service organizations, law enforcement, and private companies to implement effective, evidence-based intervention strategies that prioritize the safety and well-being of trafficking survivors.

For more information on Freedom Light and its programs, email [email protected].

About Freedom Light

Freedom Light is a nonprofit organization that works with socially-responsible companies who are committed to eradicating human trafficking. Through cross-sector collaboration with law-enforcement, victim’s organizations and businesses, Freedom Light equips companies with knowledge and evidence-based interventions designed to prevent crime, rescue victims, and apprehend criminals.

Visit for more information on Freedom Light and it’s programs.

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