About Freedom Light

Human trafficking hides in plain sight. Victims frequently come into contact with the general public, and legitimate businesses are often unwittingly targeted by these criminal enterprises. To preserve consumer trust, corporate leadership must take a clear stance against this scourge and take action to facilitate the prevention of new crimes, protection of victims, and prosecution of offenders.

Human trafficking commonly goes unchecked, not because of apathy, but due to a lack of awareness. For example, predators have used dating sites and social networks as tools for recruitment, grooming, and luring their victims into a life of exploitation. These sites are also commonly used as advertising platforms. Hotels and motels are often the site of trafficking activities, while ride-sharing services and airlines are commonly used to transport victims. These instances go unnoticed because employees and personnel are not aware of the signs of human trafficking, or are untrained on how to intercede on behalf of victims.

The goal of Freedom Light is to be a guiding light for companies who are committed to the fight against human trafficking. By developing anti-trafficking strategies in collaboration with law enforcement, experts, and victim service organizations, we equip companies with evidence-based interventions designed to prevent crime, rescue victims, and apprehend criminals.