Freedom Light is committed to decreasing the prevalence of human trafficking, improving anti-trafficking practices and policies, and advancing the rights of survivors.


Freedom Light envisions a world where:

  • People are not victimized through commercial sexual exploitation or through forced labor.
  • Persons responsible for trafficking humans are held accountable for their actions.
  • Businesses are empowered to help combat the human trafficking scourge through evidence-based practices.
  • Human trafficking survivors are not secondarily exploited by third parties.
  • Human trafficking policy is founded on empirical evidence, materially advancing the battle against trafficking, rather than rhetoric and emotion.
  • Decision-makers have access to accurate anti-trafficking information.
  • Human trafficking survivors are provided the resources needed to thrive.


Freedom Light aims to:

  • Conduct and fund innovative research to identify evidence-based interventions for reducing the prevalence of human trafficking, as well as increasing the prosecution of offenders and protection of victims.
  • Empower businesses to combat human trafficking through training, and technical assistance, and developing and implementing anti-trafficking best practices.
  • Advocate for effective legislation to combat human trafficking.
  • Disseminate accurate information regarding human trafficking to legislators, practitioners, businesses, and the public.
  • Provide human trafficking survivors with the resources needed to rebuild their lives and thrive post-rescue.