Freedom Light’s Core Anti-Trafficking Program Supports the Safety of Online Dating Communities

Freedom Light’s Core Anti-Trafficking Program Supports the Safety of Online Dating Communities

Seeking continues its educational partnership with Freedom Light to fight sex trafficking

In 2020, Freedom Light provided SeekingArrangement staff with training on the subject of anti-human trafficking, as it relates to the online dating industry.

After this valuable experience and the onboarding of new staff members, SeekingArrangement, now known as Seeking, has renewed the training for its growing staff and is set to launch “Phase 2” of the training course for their employees in 2022. The education provided by Freedom Light is a key tool in helping to enhance the safety of Seeking’s platform and to coach the staff on ways to identify human trafficking behavior and how to prevent it.

“To continue in our mission of empowerment, we are using our platform to raise awareness, increase safety, and help prevent this criminal activity.” – Brandon Wade, SeekingArrangement (now known as Seeking) CEO

The initial training consisted of six hours of personalized instruction over the course of six weeks. Freedom Light will release a similar training as an expanded video series, along with quizzes, and assessments to aid information retention in the second quarter of 2022. The videos will be administered through an innovative Learning Management System, which will allow team members to participate at their own pace. As anti-trafficking interventions continue to evolve, Freedom Light suggests supplementing base-level training with in-person symposiums consisting of guest speakers from law enforcement, victim assistance groups and other anti-trafficking specialists.

“Seeking is a great example of how certain online platforms are paving the way for anti-trafficking interventions, by going above and beyond standard business practices to combat trafficking, prevent victimizations, and protect users through innovative training, machine learning technology, and artificial intelligence. Freedom Light welcomes partnerships with any and every business truly committed to combating trafficking.” – Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco, Freedom Light Executive Director

Freedom Light specializes in customizing anti-trafficking training by industry. By creating a targeted strategy tailored to dating platforms, Freedom Light took the Seeking team’s education to the next level. Their insight has become a big piece of the overall strategy to keep the Seeking community even safer.

As Daryl Webster, Seeking’s VP of Customer Service points out, “Freedom Light’s core training program has enhanced our customer service team’s ability to monitor safety and identify potential violations. [Artificial Intelligence] is great, but not perfect, so Seeking employs an approach to safety that combines continued education for our moderators, in addition to that technology. Freedom Light helps bridge the gap.”

Freedom Light’s training sessions with Seeking have empowered the platform’s staff with tools and knowledge to protect the app’s users. The Seeking team is excited to further their education, stay informed, and ensure a safe dating experience for all Seeking members.

As allies in the fight against both sex and labor trafficking, Freedom Light and Seeking encourage other dating platforms and technology firms to learn more about the problems facing the online dating industry.

About Freedom Light: Freedom Light is a nonprofit organization that develops anti-trafficking strategies for companies who are committed to fight against this crime. We use fact-based interventions and collaborate with law enforcement to prevent crime, rescue victims, and apprehend criminals.

If your company is committed to taking a stance against human trafficking, Freedom Light can provide training, develop a tailored plan, and implement the best practices to support your firm. For more information on corporate training programs and services, contact us today.

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